Get creative with your ceilings! 

Gone are the days when preference was given to only white

plain white ceilings. 

Since my last ceiling post, I discovered hi tech stretch ceilings for homes with lower ceilings.

The stretch ceiling system originated in Europe over 40 years ago mainly as a solution for damaged ceiling. While the vinyl stretched ceilings from High Tech Ceiling still solve a multitude of problems, there are now used for their remarkable aesthetic and luxurious appearance. These amazing ceilings can be installed almost anywhere, come in a wide variety of colors and are made from an eco-friendly material.
In the kitchen
In the living room, reflective lacquer stretch ceiling - to increase the illusion of height and size
Even in the bedroom - get dramatic with color!

 Hide popcorn and damaged ceilings with no mess

Allow recessed lighting in condominium
Allow thermal or sound insulation
Add an incredible effect to the room
Bacteria and mold resistant

Quick, easy and clean installation
Even in stretch lacquer black, for additional bedroom drama
Or try matte stretch ceilings for a zen ambiance
Allows recess lighting in a lower ceiling, enhances your living room.
Check out all the projects designed by Hi Tech Ceiling on their houzz page:
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