Beautiful bedroom to inspire Sweet Dreams

Beautiful bedroom ideas

A bedroom nightstand artfully arranged can do wonders for sleep and soothing awakenings energized

A bedroom is a very private space. Hotels know this and add a beautifully wrapped chocolate on the bedside table for a personal touch. The bedside table can tell a lot about a person. I love to decorate these spaces because they are very personal. Bedside tables are important because they are the last thing you see when you turn on at night and the first thing you see when you wake up. These small, intimate spaces that represent a visual input, by adding color and texture. At the same time, serve the practical needs, such as holding our clocks and eyeglasses. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. I have been asked many times about accessories these spaces. Here are some ideas for what I call bullet header or, in simple terms, bedside tables and the things we put in them.

This is the area where you can really make a statement with lamps. I think square screens, round or screens that are 14 inches or less in diameter work best against a wall.

The drawers are always great to store things you need but do not want to get up. I love this detail of alternative lighting instead of a table lamp. A chandelier hanging on each side of the bed provides beautiful symmetry and frees the nightstand for personal gear.

A suspension work as well as a chandelier visually. The light output is lower, though, so I suggest using a hanging lamp in combination with tin lighting. Stacked books look great with colorful binding facing room and are also good for raising the alarm.
This beautiful vignette is perfectly balanced with a lamp, family photos, fresh flowers and a candle. Flowers and candles provide the perfect sleep-inducing aromatherapy.Safety first: Be sure to blow out the candle before you get too much sleep.

A chest of drawers classic serpentine holding a glass lamp, a small sculpture and fresh flowers. Also included here is a small work of art in colors ensueƱo.Arte bedroom does not have to be hung on a pared.Apoyado small works of art on the wall gives a layered look.

A table is a good choice step off the bed, as it allows the surface layers. A lamp, books, art, water and fresh flowers all fall into this versatile piece. Notice how the color of the table step added to the palette of the room.

A small table with a small drawer tray has just enough room for a light color, fresh flowers and a small jewelry box. Any style boxes are ideal for holding earrings and necklaces taken just before bedtime.

This table consists of home night vintage suitcases into blocks. It is a creative and visual triumph for the bags are on the low side, allowing an adjustable lamp and a full view of the basic elements .header fit on a tray that provides a flat surface .

Consider a wall chart for the smallest of spaces. Not enough space for an adjustable lamp, art and an alarm clock.

A beautiful chest of drawers white holding a lamp in the center, a plant on the left and an alarm clock. Observe the Federal style mirror next to the lamp, creating a bullet next to the bed in layers. What's on your nightstand?  Share your style with us in the comments section.

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