Childrens bedroom furniture

Children's bedrooms, ideas for decorating

One of the areas of the house that's changed are the children's bedrooms. Before birth the baby, the room is prepared and decorated with great care, so today I will give you some tips and ideas to decorate.

 babies room

Within the children's bedroom, today I focus on the babies room, since in recent years there have been many births among my family and friends, starting of course by my house where Leo shows us what improvements

These rooms are very special, as they prepare with great enthusiasm before the baby is born, making them our best wishes. As in all areas there are plenty of styles to decorate, from a classic, more conventional style, the most riotous and modern. I always advise that the baby's room I go in harmony with our lifestyle or at least the style of our house.

Some babies room styles:

As you can see there are different styles for decorating a baby's room, from colorful industrial styles and colors to neutral and conventional, all really cute for your baby.
I tell you as I circulated the room of Leo. You see, I used the yellow color on the main wall and the other walls white. I chose yellow because I think there is a color that brings life, joy, vitality, and the thought was that I wanted to convey to Leo, though any color or combined role works in a child's room. We can find plenty of ideas, I created 3D space before making the room and made different combinations of color, is what has the technology, which always helps.

This is the 3d image of the room before the reform drinks. And here is the real picture of how the room has been read, but still some details that'll change with time and adding missing me.

What must be taken into account when designing and distributing the bedroom of a baby are the areas that will have you and the room is distributed; play area, storage area, sleeping area, the study area is not necessary for the moment so that we can save us.

play area in room

play area in room

A shelf to store books and toys is a good choice to keep the room in order, but we can always add more fun storage space as this cage stuffed animals.

shelf to store books and toys

And this shelf supports-boards always helps to decorate walls with pictures, drawings of child or teddies.

Well that's all for today, hope you liked it and you are turning left with an idea, but you can always consult me here some of your questions, I'll be happy to help.

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