Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom for princess girl

Because princesses deserve the house, here we leave a selection of bedrooms to sleep well in their castles! advise you on the best distribution, if you have questions

Small child bed mattress 120x60 or 140x70
Baby bed rail castillo.Este shaped model we can do with drawers or doors and the bottom with a low platform bed like this in photography, with drawers available in two heights or other bed with what might be coupled to 3 children / girls in one bed.
There are different colors to choose from and is available in 2 heights, different accessories to attach the rest of the bedroom as cabinets, study tables, chests of drawers

Child / Youth Bedroom module combined with container drawers and smaller drawers with top shelf, single bed available for measuring 90,105 bed and desk cms
Combined lacquered / textured white and lilac ideal for girls or we can do it in other colors, this youth bedroom has a romantic touch for their form and finishes.

Youth bedroom loft bed made up with staircase with drawers on the side, below bed cubes and modules colores.El cabinet has front door methacrylate available in different colors, we study table aside Combined white with shelves above colorfully rojos.Una room for two children / girls

Lacquer Room with a romantic child for their train and air decoracation.Este bedroom is distributed with a comfortable 4 drawers, trundle bed with guardrails, arcon with side opening, shelf above arcon, container drawer modules with shelves and desk with blancas.Este metallic legs as we decorate bedroom can adapt it for babies, boys or girls or for a longer measurement adolescente.Dependiendo you dispongas we can advise you on the best distribution

hope you liked it and you are turning left with an idea, but you can always consult me here some of your questions, I'll be happy to help.

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