Living Room Design Trends 2014

Living Room Design Trends 2014. The living-area establishes advanced relationships with the other rooms in your home, relationships that guarantee you the comfort you wish to possess at home. The living-space gathers all the decorative power of your house and it leaves the strongest impression with all of your friends and relatives who come to go to. The living-room additionally should represent that area where you are taking your meals, thus being terribly important that it’s a certain ambiance.

If you’re thinking of separating the areas of a living-room in keeping with their functions, you should do that by combining completely different types of finishes, different colours and completely different textures. The area in your living-space should be versatile and it should adapt to the operate you want it to own very quickly. Whether the kitchen is an open or a closed space, the place where you serve your meals should be either a continuation of the kitchen or a specialised area of the area. Here is a advanced relationship between two main functions of your home. The ease space or the discussion area becomes the centre of mass of the living-space, the other areas of this space being subordinated to the present one. This spatial subordination will additionally be obtained through the finishes you make, through lights and furniture, all of those being subordinated to the spatial concept you have in mind.

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