Living Room Ideas Meet Modernity

Country living room ideas do not have to be linked with old fashioned decorations and monotone atmosphere. The trend nowadays is to show them up with a little (or more) touches of modernity. It is easy to realize the ideas, as long as you’ve already got some inspirations in mixing and matching the colors, choosing the furniture, and adding up more details for the space. There are many examples of good country themed living room, but there aren’t many of them that are good enough as a composition of country and modernity. Here are the best creations of famous interior designers that we believe you are going to love. You can apply the style right at home to enliven the mood of everybody coming. Check them out and get inspired!

Country living room ideas have been successfully applied by Kim Nichols and Warmington & North designing teams. Besides uplifting the space into something really classic and cozy, the teams have been really genius in combining them with splashes of modernity. The first creation was to simply arrange antique table set in neutral light wooden brown color developing a huge country feeling to the living room. The modernity beautifully stroke through the plaid, red and white curtains and golden pendant. The second creation looked gorgeous and soothing in pale green. Applying pretty much the same idea of the first one, it is simply to set up antique seating zone with plaid patterned curtains in matching tone and golden wall rack. To complete the look, you can have a vase of white roses as an additional accessory.

When you want to go rather modern while implementing your country living room ideas, you can take the creations from these designing themes as some greatest examples. The key is to have the space in all modern way while inserting one to two aspects that can turn it into something more country looking. Michael Abrams Limited created brown schemed living room. The feels is very contemporary thanks to the trendy table set and lighting fixtures. Paul Moon Design also through the same idea, but they’d rather go with broken white. The two summed up the modern space with floral patterned sofas to make it appearing more country. In other hand, you can choose to apply the country living room ideas by stressing on one spot only, such as having a marble fireplace and textured wall.

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