Natural Scheme through Green Living Room

Green living room is the fastest yet most fashionable solution for those wanting to bring the natural scheme to home. The color green is related to relaxing and warm feeling. It is more often to be linked with how the Mother Nature really looks, that’s why people go easily with the color to be more natural in their living place. If you want to also give it a try, you can either set up your living room in all green or splashing a little of the color to the space. Another choice is to arrange some spots to be filled with real or not green plants; you choose. There have been so many famous interior designers that implemented green living room beautifully, so there mustn’t be any more excuses from you to be afraid of going way greener at home.

You can see the creations of green living room from My Interior, John Lum Architecture and Kristin Drohan Collection as the best, easiest example. Though they’d rather play safer, but they still stick to the concept of green space. The first trial is to combine pale green with neutral, darker tones like navy blue and gray. Green can be a great look for the wall and sofa, whether it is plain or patterned. The second trial is to combine light green with dark brown, with the composition goes green for the wall and brown for the sofa for a balanced appearance. The third trial is to have green in monochromatic style. White wall and black sofa, table and fireplace will be gorgeous with soft green pillows, curtains and floral rug.

The green living room creations of Union Studio showed us how beautiful a space can be through a brave combination of cream, red and green. Not being too merry, the designers arrange the space to be warm enough through its pale cream wall. The cozy sofa is shown in vivid red, accompanying the real green plants on the vase very elegantly. Rikki Snyder even combined ocean blue wall and sofa with patterned grass green pillows, yet the space looks great. Finally, Cecile Lozano Interiors, Indese, and Andrea Brooks Interiors have proven that playing with rainbow tones in your living room will be just terrific. Be daring and bold; matching green with organic orange, sunny yellow and sweet fuchsia is the newest trend. Good luck on your own green living room!

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